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“Let’s hang out some time.” This is usually said when you run into a former friend, frenemy, colleague or acquaintance.

We need to stop doing this. I understand that this line serves as a go-to conversation closer for many awkward encounters. But have you ever thought of what would happen, if your counterpart actually said, “yes” and expected a follow-through plan to hang out? Don’t take the risk. More importantly, we have no intention of hanging out with this person out of our own free will, so why pretend? If you need a conversation closer, “Glad to see you’re still alive. Take care and have an awesome life.” has never failed me.

“Maybe he/she is busy, tired, awkward, shy, intimidated… [Fill in your favorite line about why your friend’s romantic interest is not interested in them.]” This is often said to comfort your friend when their romantic interest is not…

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