one week left to “be good” before christmas. and my “be good” means eating clean and working out. I’ve already screwed up today with chic-fil-a. I was stress eating after a failed attempt to conquer the mall. the goal was to complete my christmas shopping in a single lunch hour. failed. freaked out. found myself in the drive-thru. it was horrific.

santa and I are similar in size

santa and I are similar in size


coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, stevia, miralax
oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar, one whole organic banana
water x 3
one orange
greek yogurt- key lime
grilled chicken sandwich from Chic-fil-A THIS IS WHY I’M FAT
sweet honey bbq sauce AND polynesian sauce
large sweet tea
two hershey dark chocolate kisses
carrots with humus
spoonful of peanut butter {fuel for my workout}
protein shake {post workout}

20 minutes on the elliptical
40 minutes of strength/weights