spin class was amazing last night. it was a lot easier this time. I was sweating and pedaling like crazy; felt SO good. it’s my newest obsession; I’m ready to get the shoes, the padded shorts, and a heart monitor. I’m hooked! so glad I’ve discovered this new workout, and I feel like it will become an addiction the way zumba took over my life last july. mission goodbye cellulite, hello sexy legs is about to go down.


coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, stevia, miralax
one mini cinnamon roll FATTY
one mini blue berry muffin FATTY
water x4
unsweetened tea
salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, creamy ceaser dressing FATTY
1/2 of yeast roll FATTY
grilled chicken breast with gravy FATTY
steamed broccoli
a few bites of garlic mashed potatoes FATTY
piece of chocolate cheesecake FATTY
bowl of green grapes
organic nonfat greek yogurt- pineapple SO GOOD
baked salmon with butter and honey
steamed broccoli sprinkled with fresh lemon juice