I’m officially a yogi. I went to a yoga scultp class yesterday {yoga with weights} and I am obsessed. I wish I could go every single day. it hurts SO good. I’m so sore today, I can barely lift my leg. I also accomplished the goal I set on friday to workout everyday this weekend. I went to the gym friday after work, went for a 35 minute jog on saturday, and yoga yesterday. taking a break tonight for a sushi date with my man. he surprised me yesterday with new nikes. I’m SO excited. I’ve wanted new tennis shoes since august. no more granny mall-walking shoes for this girl. I’m offish with these new kicks.


addicted after only two classes


thanks, babe

coffee with pumpkin spice creamer and stevia
two dark chocolate hershey kisses
sliver of coconut pineapple pound cake
six m&ms
spoonful of peanut butter
oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar
water x5 {water goal today is 10 bottles}
spinach salad with grape tomatos, cucumber, mushrooms, raspberry vinegrette
organic nonfat greek yogurt- pineapple SO GOOD
5 more m&ms WHYYYYYY?
salad with ginger dressing
japanese soup with mushrooms
18 rolls of sushi- spicy tuna {boyfriend and I ordered three rolls and I ate over half of said three rolls}
hibachi chicken and steak with “white sauce” and ginger sauce
rice with “white sauce”
hibachi grilled vegtables