tonight is the night, people. but first, let’s talk about last night and the meltdown of my emotions that occurred. I went to zumba and rocked it. I mean, I was drenched from head to toe after this hour-long sweat session. it felt really good {and I was pretty sore when I woke up this morning; love that feeling}. then I proceeded to find a nail salon, so I could get my mani {as mentioned yesterday}. okay, no nail salon in my town is open past seven. WTF. so, I’m sitting here now on the morning of my event with polish-less nails. eww. I’ve got to go during my lunch, just hope I can get an appointment with the salon downtown. moving on… when I got home, I was FAMISHED. and something just came over me that lead to a grilled cheese sandwich on bleached white bread. and like six pieces of cheese. and an entire stick of butter. and then I’m in tears because this is the reason why I don’t see results. this is why I work out five-six days a week, and I still don’t lose weight. because I cheat. I do good then I eff it all up. I’ve decided that december will  be challenge month, and I am going to be dedicated until new years. blahhhh.

this happened

this happened

in more happier, exciting news: tonight is my event, and I’m going to look amazing. not going to think or stress about it anymore. I’m going to see my boyfriend, who loves me so much, in a tuxedo; and that’s enough to make it all worth it. oh, and the facebook photos. that’s what it’s all about anyway, right?

coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, stevia, miralax
steel cut oats with cinnamon, brown sugar, one whole banana
nonfat greek yogurt- roasted coconut vanilla
turkey “roll” with one slice of swiss cheese and mustard {ran out of bread}

running around trying to get ready
breathing in spanx