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dress arrived last night from rent the runway, and it’s absolutely perfect. I’ve never loved something so much. it’s everything I wanted for this event, and turned out being everything I imagined it would be. and the best part is that the small fit, but was too loose. it didn’t look good at all. but the xs fit like a freakin’ glove! omg, like badgley mischka made this dress just for me. my only slightest concern is that when I put tights on, they cut into my skin a bit, and there’s a tiny bulge that appears to be a fat roll. so, I’ll be making a run to target during lunch for spanx *sign* or tights in a larger size. overall, I’m very pleased in how I look in the dress, and I’m proud of the dedication I’ve invested in creating the illusion of perfection for tomorrow night. two more days of clean eating; I CAN DO THIS. tonight is an hour-long zumba sculpt class and a manicure. excited to treat myself.

coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, stevia, miralax
steel cut oats with cinnamon, brown sugar, one whole banana
handful of popcorn covered in chocolate drizzle THANK YOU COMCAST FOR BRINGING THAT MESS INTO THE OFFICE AND SABOTAGING MY DIET {I don’t work for comcast btw}
water with lemon- 16oz x5
nonfat greek yogut- mango apricot
about 7 sesame crackers
one prune
box of raisins
sandwich- 1 & 1/4 pieces of organic flax seed whole wheat bread {fell apart; oh well, less calories}, deli turkey, once slice of cheese, lots of mustard
one hershey dark chocolate kiss
nine carrots with hummus
thirteen strawberries
three more sesame crackers
spoonful of reduced fat peanut butter DISGUSTING {ran out of my all nautral, so stole this scoop from a co-worker’s jar, without asking, oops}
one bite of kfc grilled chicken
small glass of sweet tea
glass of 2% organic milk
grilled cheese sandwich REALLY???? two pieces of bleached white bread, eight slices of cheese, one whole stick of butter
gingerbread man cookie
canada dry ginger ale with miralax

one hour of zumba with 10 minutes of sculpt {weights}

last night’s dinner