major meltdown last night. first on the stairclimber. then again at home when I got out of the shower and realized that my legs still look like sausage links. I’ve got to get serious about this. and can anyone tell me how posture affects weight loss?

coffee with pumpkin spice creamer and stevia
old fashion oats with cinnamon spice, brown sugar, and a banana mixed in
water with lemon – 24oz x 4
apple mango applesauce
one can of amy’s organic cream of tomato soup
horizon’s organic string cheese
one dark chocolate hersey kiss
one box of raisins
spoonful of JIF natural peanut butter
one prune
7 blackberries
5 strawberries
2 cups of concord grapes
one piece of raw cookie dough
chocolate muscle milk

12 minutes on the elliptical
about 30 minutes of weight lifting