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today is the 7th, and I’m making august my biatch. I joined the gym and have worked out almost every day this month. I also tried zumba for the first time, and I am obsessed. I’m going tonight, and I can hardly wait.

if I go hard in the gym for the next two weeks, I’m allowing myself to buy a few new work out outfits. because wearing to the gym what I sleep ain’t legit. I need cute sports bras, tops, and more leggings. plus cute shoes. the shoes I’m wearing right now are straight granny-mall-walking shoes. embarrassed. I already caved and rewarded myself with this and this, even though I didn’t meet the goals. I was just having a bad day and bought them for myself anyway. I suck. so, this is a goal:reward challenge that I’m sticking too. I’m loving this stuff:

stella for adidas

neon nike

vickie’s pink pants

rpm runners