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day four and I’m already feeling like I want to give up. tonight’s workout was an emotional one. first of all, I got home from work at 6:00 and ate a huge bowl of spaghetti and then drank a huge glass of milk. glutton. I was starving and went straight hunger games as soon as I walked through the door. after inhaling all that I felt full, fat, and miserable. so naturally, I had to wait like 3 hours for all that food to settle. it crossed my mind to just skip tonight’s workout. but then I remembered I was fat, so I got my butt up.

I thought maybe I wouldn’t do the cardio sets because that would just shake everything up and then I’d puke! I put the dvd in and started doing my thing. skipped the first set of cardio, took several breaks for water and texting, did the last two cardio sets half ass and barely made it though any of the strength. I think all that food slowed me down. and by the time I started my workout it was already 8:00, so I’d become exhausted by then. I also don’t feel quite as high as I have the last three days. I usually end my workouts with my head about to burst from the endorphins. but I only felt like five endorphins tonight. I swear it’s because I skipped the cardio! has anyone else noticed this too???

I just felt so many emotions during my 20 minutes with jillian tonight. I felt the workout was too easy, too hard, I wanted to quit, I wanted to go hard, I wanted heavier weights, lighter weights- I was just a mess! feeling discouraged.


somebody was crying; don’t think it was my fat. it was me.