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last night was day three/week one of jillian’s ‘ripped in 30.’ I have to say I did pretty well. I only stopped twice for water, and the only time I sat down was in a chair pose! tonight’s workout is day four/week one- almost done with week one! but I find it hard to believe that I’ll be ‘ripped’ in such a short amount of time. maybe I’ll surprise myself and wake up in a month with arms like cameron diaz and legs like carrie underwood. I’m not as sore today, but I was last night. and when I got out of the shower and saw my legs- repulsed. I want to be toned so bad; not this skinny soft situation I’ve got going on.

toned legs and loubis

I’ll update tonight after my workout, and let all of my many {sarcasm} blog readers know if I survived day four of ms. michaels. I think tomorrow will be a major goals post {as seen here and here}. check back if you care. xo