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before I get to the topic of this blog post, can I just say that last night was day two/week one of jillian. and I rocked it. I only hit pause twice to chug some water, but I was so proud of myself. I can already feel myself getting stronger no lie! I’m sore this morning, especially my booty, and I LOVE it. I was SO high after my workout, and I feel great today.

I decided what my reward will be for completing jillian’s ‘ripped in 30.’ see this little girl below? that’s a coupon you get when you complain to victoria’s secret for a bad in-store experience. they’ll send you a coupon as a “sorry our customer service sucks because we only hire college drop-outs.” nothing major, but I’m going to use this for 30% off a new bra if I stick to this workout for 30 days.