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I survived today’s workout. did I go hard like I said I would in my previous post? umm no. but I finished. I had so many interruptions with my phone blowing up. tomorrow I’m turning my phone off during my workout. I want to challenge myself to rock out without hitting the pause button due to a Facebook notification or my boyfriend being needy {one of the qualities I love about him}.

since today was really day three/week one for me, I didn’t die during each set. I can already feel myself getting stronger! last week I could barely do a push up. today I could actually pump one out without shaking like a crack head coming down.

and can I just say that these endorphins have got me feeling high as gas?? it’s cray! my mood is so elevated after working out. I feel so good, like I just took an addy– except better! I just realized I’ve referenced drug use three times in this post. I have problems.