this blog will probably take on many identities. a fashion blog, bitch-it-out blog, product review blog, struggling with {insert here} blog, food blog, blah, blah. however, it will currently serve as a fitness blog for anyone who cares or even reads this thing. I just need a place to record my progress. I’m not fat. and I eat super healthy. but I’m “skinny soft.” and it ain’t sexy.

today was day one/week one of jillian michaels “ripped in 30.” I about died. I thought it would be easy to pop in a dvd and lift a few weights. negative. I was a hot, nasty, panting mess in my living room. my motivation is a trip to the caribbean planned for september, and I need to look hot. although my jcrew one piece swim suits are cute as can be, I’m 25 and shouldn’t be wearing a one piece. I want a string bikini. I took a “before” picture post-workout, ummm vomit. how does my boyfriend even look at me naked? I have not a clue because I was repulsed. it’s time to get my ish together; I’m tired of feeling flabby and gross. I want to be fit and fine. hollaaaa!