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Thought Catalog

I find it fascinating that people are usually described, initially at least, by a brief summary of their physical attributes and anything else that is outwardly recognizable. The first things we tend to first reach for when explaining someone are their hair color, clothing style, height, weight, job, or other successes. Even when we note that so-and-so is a really great person, that fact usually doesn’t stand alone. It’s sandwiched between other physical descriptors.

But that would make sense, right? Those are the obvious, most easily definable and recognizable things in a person. When we try to paint a picture of someone, we want to use what will best facilitate a visual. I get that. But the problem is that as much as we define other people within those means, I think we can sometimes begin to think of ourselves as being only the summation of what others can perceive.

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Thought Catalog

“Let’s hang out some time.” This is usually said when you run into a former friend, frenemy, colleague or acquaintance.

We need to stop doing this. I understand that this line serves as a go-to conversation closer for many awkward encounters. But have you ever thought of what would happen, if your counterpart actually said, “yes” and expected a follow-through plan to hang out? Don’t take the risk. More importantly, we have no intention of hanging out with this person out of our own free will, so why pretend? If you need a conversation closer, “Glad to see you’re still alive. Take care and have an awesome life.” has never failed me.

“Maybe he/she is busy, tired, awkward, shy, intimidated… [Fill in your favorite line about why your friend’s romantic interest is not interested in them.]” This is often said to comfort your friend when their romantic interest is not…

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super hd


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today is day one of taking cellucor hd. no major side effects yet. a little irritable/paranoid this morning, but nothing like what adderall does to ya; whew! {that stuff will make you cray cray}. I’ve been using cellucor c4 as a pre-workout supplement and LOVE it. the first day, I ran 2 miles in 20 minutes; a personal best. I’m hoping super hd will sculpt me. I’m taking a ‘before’ picture tonight and plan to share my progress. who else uses super hd or other cellucor products? I want to hear about your experiences! pGNC1-12083417dt


death sucks. cancer sucks. life sucks.

this isn’t something I normally talk about on here, but I need to put it out in the universe. my family is very close. and when my grandpa died two years ago, things really fell apart. not only did my mom and grandma get very depressed, money stopped coming in too. depression tripled. and it hasn’t gotten any better since his passing. I’ve somewhat come to peace with the fact that my grandpa was very sick (he had leukemia), but he’s no longer in pain. he’s a peace and in heaven with creator of the frickin’ universe. I’m 25 and still have a lot of living to do. I’m pretty content with things at the moment. they aren’t necessarily ideal; but it’s only temporary, and I know even better things are coming up (career advancements, exciting opportunities, getting engaged, being married to my soulmate, my siblings getting married, traveling, etc.) but I feel so bad about being happy or excited because I know my mom and grandma aren’t. and not only did my mom lose her dad, she was diagnosed with cancer only eight months later. she’s been battling that mess, chemo treatments, her full-time job, and a fight with the insurance company for the last year. she really struggles, and it makes me feel like I shouldn’t ever be happy with anything because she’s not. p.s. my dad’s an addict. that makes things even harder. mom also has to worry about him and my brother, who is still in high school and needs a parent. she stresses nonstop over money and is on the brink of filing bankruptcy while worrying about my grandma whose depression is crippling. it’s like I worry about my mom, who worries about her mom– it’s a vicious cycle. does anyone else feel like this? am I supposed to not enjoy my young adult life because of my family’s financial and emotional state?

fast fail

I’ve already broken my facebook fast, but doing good with eating clean so far. I’m going to be tracking my intake and exercise over in the tone it up community. join me there! it’s free, and the trainers are so inspiring. I’ll still be posting here, including progress pictures.

today is day three of the ‘love your body’ challenge. it runs until valentine’s day. my goals for this challenge are:
-stick with the #loveyourbody challenge
-complete #100byVday {this means to log-run, walk, jog, spin-100 miles by valentine’s day}
-eat clean
-shrink stomach


please let me know if you’re also doing ‘tone it up!’ what are some of your goals or new year’s resolutions?

today is my thursday

work has pissed me off, and I will be killing it at spin tonight. I’ll probably looks like these chics, but it’s going to feel amazing.

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coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, stevia, miralax
one orange
one small apple with wayyyyy too much peanut butter
greek salad from panera bread; romain lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, feta cheese, greek dressing SO GOOD
one hershey’s dark chocolate kiss
two bites of chocolate chip walnut cookie
another apple; no peanut butter this time
baked salmon
organic steamed brocoli
two peanut butter snickers sqaures
one ginerbread cookie
small glass of 2% milk

55 minute spin class {and it was awesome}